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The education field is very diverse and can be challenging field for any business but our continuous success is built around our experienced and highly trained staff. MEGA’s biggest strength lies in its expertise and knowledge of the industry that uniquely qualifies the company to assist students with the highest level of reliability and quality.

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MEGA team members are spread all around the globe. We are professionally trained with the best knowledge to counsel students and provide advice and guidance in regarding the visa process procedures. MEGA’s team is growing as MEGA is expanding in different parts of the globe. 

Among the services that the company provides to student include

  1. MEGA provides services to overseas students who would like to study abroad by advising them with useful information about the suitable courses that meet their needs.
  2. MEGA helps students to obtain acceptances from universities and institutions for English Language Programs, Vocational and Academic Studies (Postgraduate, PhD, Master, Graduate Diploma, Bachelor, Advanced Diploma, Diploma and Certificate) in most majors and subjects.
  3. MEGA assists students in selecting their choice of study of subjects ranging from English studies that will enable them to excel in their understanding and communication with the different cultures as well as on a global level, towards deepening their knowledge into more specific industry or related Undergraduate or Postgraduate courses, such as Accounting, Marketing, Commerce, Medicine, Engineering, IT and much more at many Colleges, Universities and Education Institutions.
  1. MEGA services extend to advising students with the best accommodation location to help them settle and harmonise themselves with the local community. We would like to guarantee a safe and enjoyable stay for our students wishing them the best in their studies.
  2. MEGA also provides airport pick up for those students in need of the service.
  3. MEGA also offers to give advice in immigration issues as we employ registered migration agents and solicitors. This gives MEGA’s education department the opportunity to also concentrate on the student educational issues and outsourcing the legal/migration issues to experienced agents in that field.
  4. MEGA arranges academic conferences and educational exhibitions. In addition, MEGA organizes study tours. Other value added services include advice on settlement issues, organising group and individual counselling to our students and their families.
  5. MEGA arranges internship programs for graduate /current students as well as on the job training for companies that they are looking to give training for their staff. The internship program will be offered at reputable companies in different countries.

MEGA also works with institutions and various other corporate and private organizations to deliver an assortment of services to students that will help enhance their overall international education experience. The company is constantly seeking new, innovative ideas for diversification in the education industry and is always open to ideas. There are only a few examples of projects that have been developed over the past few months:

• Seminars, interviews and pre-departure orientation

• Education exhibition

• Assistance in on- and- off-campus accommodation